November 08, 2016

Four Reasons Why an Injury Lawyer Must Be Called After an Accident You Didn’t Cause

Most don’t give a second thought to a Chicago personal injury lawyer after an accident even though the accident they suffered was not their fault. Unfortunately too many people think they aren’t entitled to compensation or think they’re going to waste someone’s valuable time. If you have been hurt and it wasn’t your fault, it’s important to seek help as quickly as possible. The following are four reasons why you must call an injury lawyer after being involved in an accident.

You Should Not Be Left To Pay the Medical Bills

When there has been an accident and it wasn’t your fault but were left injured, you are the one who technically is left to face to costs. You were the one to go to hospital and get repairs done on your vehicle so that means you’re the one responsible to pay such things. However, if the accident wasn’t your fault, you should not be left out-of-pocket. It is the responsibility of the party of fault to pay for medical bills and other costs associated with the accident. Unfortunately some don’t believe they have to pay or were at fault and a lawyer is needed. Contact an Atlanta or Chicago personal injury lawyer and they’ll say how important it is for the party at fault to pay for the costs you face.

There May Be a Time Limit over Lawsuit Claims

You may not be aware of this but in some States there are certain limits as to whom and when you can file a lawsuit. Statute of limitations varies from crime to crime and even with personal injury lawsuits so it’s vital for you to act fast. However, if you are injured still and don’t have the ability to sue someone then a lawyer can. Calling them as soon as possible is important because they can go to the person at fault and ask if they are willing to take responsibility for the accident and compensate you. If not, they can take it further on your behalf. If you’re in hospital you can’t do it which is why an Atlanta injury lawyer is greatly needed.

You Need Evidence From Witnesses

Do you know how to approach a potential witness? Talking to someone about an accident they have witnessed is one thing but asking them to go to the police or make a statement in court is something very different. Many people don’t want to get involved if they don’t have to and in most cases, witnesses will say no to someone off the street. However, when lawyers get involved witnesses feel more comfortable and they get them to talk more so than what anyone else can. For this reason you must call an Atlanta or Chicago personal injury lawyer. They not only can talk to witnesses but capture vital evidence for your case too.

It Takes Time to Recover

An Atlanta injury lawyer will tell you one simple thing – it takes serious time to recover from an accident – and do you really want to have to deal with a lawsuit? Of course you don’t and in all honesty you might not be able to. You must call an injury lawyer after an accident simply because you require proper recovery time and worrying about lawsuits only results in more stress. However, if you call the lawyer, they can handle almost everything while you recover in hospital or at home. This is so important for everyone, no matter how minor their injuries may appear.

Don’t Face This Alone

Accidents are awful because even the minor ones cause the most damage and the costs associated with them can be huge. It’s a frightening prospect to be faced with a mountain of bills that accumulated because of someone else’s neglect. However, you don’t have to face this alone because an accident and Atlanta injury lawyer can help; don’t be afraid to make the call.

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